Custom Deep Seating Cushions

Create your personal retreat within the sanctity of your own home with our Custom Deep Seating Cushions. Choose from hundreds of high-performance fabrics for indoors and outdoors from trusted names such as Sunbrella and Robert Allen. Then choose your dimensions and select the fill type that is best for you. Your deep seating cushions are sure to reflect your personal style, because they are custom made just for you.

About Deep Seating

Deep seating as a phrase simply refers to a style of furniture. Think of a lounge chair, loveseat, or sofa that can only be comfortably used with cushions. Without cushions, the furniture is nothing more than a frame, and in many cases, may not have anything other than a simple support structure for holding a cushion. The part of the frame that holds the seat cushion is very low to the ground. So if you sat in it without a cushion (assuming you could) you would be very low to the ground, not to mention very uncomfortable.

For that reason, deep seating cushions are by necessity much thicker than normal seat cushions. Seat cushions can range from 4" to 8" in thickness. Most often these sets include a less thick back cushion, which still provides that "sinking" feeling without pushing you off the seat. We offer a wide variety of cushion fillings to allow you to choose the firmness you need in your custom cushions (some options not suitable for outdoor furniture cushions).